Is Osteo-Arthritis ruining your life?
It doesn’t have to... it hasn't stopped me



My name is Maurice Carroll. I’m a former professional motorcycle road racer from the 60’s and 70’s now getting on in years and suffering from Osteoarthritis. But this hasn’t stopped me and there is no reason for it to stop you from active sports. I took up cycling and then became a dedicated sporting cyclist, riding in both Sportives and Competition.

Spring 2016 and my riding days are over for good as Spinal damage from years of racing takes it toll!

I have just started to ride regularly again after some unintended acrobatics falling from a ladder while working on my barn roof. The Osteoarthritis really came to the fore, probably due to the shock of stopping so suddenly, but this year's very hot summer has been a great help for me. The joints are staying supple and loose with the extreme temperatures… long may that last!

maurice carroll cyclist

Since starting my web site, an amazing number of fellow Osteoarthritis sufferers have been in touch and like me, they have found relief from exercise. Some are swimmers, some walkers, but the majority are cyclists.

Like me, many of the more elderly cyclists in my area are not happy with UFOLEP here in France. It is a narrow sighted, bigoted licensing authority ruling by committee, which usually means they sit around a table discussing the past while remaining oblivious to the future. But as one 85 year old said recently: "They've been like this as far back as I can remember, nothing changes with them.... "

I’m lucky to be living in rural France because traffic is not nose to tail. If you see four cars in convoy here, it’s busy. Drivers tend to abide by the law leaving a minimum 1.5 metres when over taking, and reduce their speed, which is great (it does stop them showering us with gravel). In towns it’s overtake with a minimum of 1 metre, which works well - most of the time.

During cycle sports events the roads are usually closed and there are marshals on junctions. During competitions, the roads and groupos can have motorcycle outriders. On the big sportives there are both ‘Motards’ or trained motorcycle outriders, as well as the local motorcycle gendarmes...I LOVE BEING SPOILT! …

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Age or infirmity shouldn't stop you doing what you want. It can be difficult at times and maybe there are days when you don’t feel like doing anything.

Don’t beat yourself up if you take a day or two off - sometimes we try too hard and what is needed is some rest and recuperation. Push yourself by all means, but try to know your limits. We are all different and some of us are far more stubborn than others. But nobody is right and nobody is wrong.

Don’t be a 'fine weather merchant' – training in the wet can pay huge dividends on really bad days. Wet weather skills can be a life saver, as well as a game changer. My adage 'you only get wet once', still stands. You can get a bit cold at times… but go on - risk it !

The recent hand injury that stopped most of my riding has now righted itself, so although I have been focussed on making my music instead, it’s nice to be back on the bike.

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Having got back into the swing of music - if you can call the noise I make music - I have found wildly varying prices when buying bits and pieces, even the very small ones. For example, identical thumb picks for 90p and £1.50. But there is a company near Huddersfield with friendly, knowledgeable people, who pass huge savings to their customers. When you next need accessories or instruments, try Eagle Music Shop:

If, like me, your memory and fingers don't work as they used to, try a web site called 'Neck Diagrams', I learned more in the short time I have had their software than in the past three months. So all you budding Clapton's, Knoppfler's or Chet Atkins - download this package. It's written in plain English and is really helpful.

Circa 1965 - In my better days with my Hofner 'Presiden't. I now regret giving up playing and selling it after a racing injury all those years ago


Fed up with a small sound from my amp with the new eighgt string lap steel, I bought a 12inch Jensen Speaker for its vintage tone and knocked up a new cabinet to fit all the goodies in. The difference in the quality of the base to high tones is quite staggering and I am really pleased with the final result. I should have done it ages ago, but at least it is finihsed and working now!

If you are looking for information on technical bits and pieces about PSG and LSG, then this is the site for you. The forum is run by professionals, ex-professionals and keen musicians who know what they are talking about. Helpful, sympathetic and conscientious without any of the bravado and bragging you get from some other sites. Go to: The British Steelies Society Forum

Way back in the 60’s and 70’s, when I was road racing motorcycles, I used to wear a silver bracelet engraved with my name, blood group and allergies. It gave the medics instant vital info when I was unconscious after the inevitable accident. I have just bought a new version called the ‘RoadID’ bracelet.


Just $19.99 for a basic wrist band plus a couple of dollars postage, it is laser engraved stainless steel, much easier to read than engraved silver. If you contact RoadID from the banner below, the company will donate part of the money to a charity of your choice - worth every penny!


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